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    What is “Get Fit 500″?

    This is an 8 week challenge that will consist of:

    1. A new set of CUSTOM DESIGNED WORKOUTS every 2 weeks
    2. A new set of CLEAN RECIPES to try every 2 weeks
    3. And THE RETURN of “Gut Check” Sundays.
Elevate your thoughts and belief in God. Heighten your level of Faith ...
Improve your health and become aware of what your body can do daily...
Increase your joy and peace of mind, Improve your concentration and creativity, calm and control your thought...

Services At A Glance

  • oneononetrain

    One on One personal training

  • grouptrain

    Small group training

  • seminarsconf

    Seminars, events and conferences

  • phone

    Skype and phone consultations

  • mealplan

    Meal Plan


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Get Fit!
November 20, 2015

For the last few months I have seen several of my colleagues and clients become obsessed with these “90 Day Challenges”. “Grow Your Hair in 90”, “90-Day Detox”, or even “90 Day Wrapathon”. There are a few reasons why people (including myself) love challenges. 1. They Keep Us Accountable – We can all admit that we…

October 2, 2015

Running is not my favorite form of exercise however, it is one of the greatest and cheapest ways to get in shape. Running is effective in making you healthier in a number of ways; weight loss, boost your confidence, eliminates depression, improves level of health, and lowers risk of disease. But honestly what I love…

October 1, 2015

When I first started my business  mornings were calm and relaxing. I now realize making elaborate meals that require extra time  is a luxury I no longer have- a blessing and curse. Now a days, I jump up and find myself having 20 mins or less to get out of the door. Knowing this I…