Her Story

Zadia Murphy was introduced, by her parents, to the concept of optimal health and wellness at an early age. Zadia swam competitively for 15 years and learned how discipline, tenacity, dedication, and consistency can elevate one to greatness in every aspect of life. Her love for movement grew as she pursued a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science at the University of Houston (GO COOGS!). It was not class, however, that inspired this growth.

Murphys inspiration came from the whopping 40 pounds she gained during winter break of her junior year. Zadia remembers feeling uncomfortable in her skin, avoiding friends and family, and feeling embarrassed to see the consequences of  her taking her problems out on her body. Zadia made the personal decision to change her life, she took her gym membership out of retirement and began eating clean. After obtaining her degree, Zadia honed her craft through personal studies and certifications with the National Association of Sports Medicine.  Zadia is known best for her holistic approach, results driven cross training techniques, and supreme ability to motivate.

Zadia’s mission is to use her experience and education to teach and inspire women and men to live their best lives.

Zadia utilizes F.A.I.T.H Base training to inspire, motivate, support, and facilitate Z.M. Fitness members attainment of their health and fitness goals. F.A.I.T.H base training is a concept created by Zadia Murphy that has yielded lasting results. Over the years, her clients have been successful by incorporating 5 principles into their journey: Faith, Accountability, Integrated training, Taking out the guesswork, and putting Health first. Zadia invites you to join the movement, shift your paradigm, and experience change in your mind, body ,and spirit.



Your Story

“Zadia is the prefect blend of tough, “you’re not finished with your rep” and genuine “you can do this, I know you can”…  Raquel P


A message from Coach Z,

I want to create a personalized path for you. Let me guide you to your “better self.” My goal is to help you love what you see when you walk past the mirror. I can, and will, achieve this by teaching the path to living a  healthier life.

-Zadia Murphy


“You find your passion in the things that burden you the most.”- Pastor John K. Jenkins