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  • February 1, 2014
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I have been involved in athletics for the majority of my life.  My weight was usually 210 – 215 and I’m 6’3.  I got into weight lifting and I wanted to see how big I could get, unfortunately I did it the wrong way, I ate everything in sight.  I would eat entire pizzas, two foot long subs at one sitting, this kind of eating ballooned me up to 250 lbs at 20% body fat.  This was not the look I wanted and I didn’t feel my best at this size either.  My cousin recommended me a nutritionist by the name of Zadia Murphy.  I sat down with Zadia and told her what I wanted my body to look like and she came up with a very straight forward easy to follow meal and supplement plan.  Zadia’s meal plans were very easy to follow she puts the exact weight of each food and when to take them and what supplements to take as well.  Zadia checks in every couple of weeks to make sure that you are making progress and to make any tweaks that may be necessary. Zadia is very knowledgeable of nutrition and what effects it will have on your body and your state of mind.  Through Zadia’s plan I have been able to get down to a muscular 215 with 7.3% body fat in 6 months.   In the next couple of months Zadia will help me put more size on my frame and it will be done the right way………