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  • November 20, 2015
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For the last few months I have seen several of my colleagues and clients become obsessed with these “90 Day Challenges”. “Grow Your Hair in 90”, “90-Day Detox”, or even “90 Day Wrapathon”. There are a few reasons why people (including myself) love challenges.

1. They Keep Us Accountable – We can all admit that we tend to work a little more diligently when our boss is peeping their head into our cube. The same is true when one of our girl friends doing the challenge with us checks in and ask “how many pounds did you lose this month”. Fact – My clients who start their health or beauty journey during a challenge are more likely to have better results than those who use the product alone.

2. Friends are more FUN – We are meant to share the most exciting moments in life with others. And I have found that when I am doing something that is not the most exciting of things like starting a new workout regimen, doing a 7-day cleanse or going cold turkey and becoming a vegan…watching my friends suffer along with me is just more FUN!

3. They Have an END DATE – While eating healthier, exercising regularly or even picking up a much needed habit like reading more should definitely be long-term lifestyle changes. Just knowing that it’s only for a short period of time mentally makes us more willing to give it a go. It’s that sense of light at the end of the tunnel that keeps us focused. Knowing that this short period of commitment could change our lives for the better.

Recently my social media timelines have been filled with results from one particular challenge, fondly referred to as “The Triple Threat”. Now while I know many of you all don’t necessarily need to lose weight and are more ‘Wrap Challenge’ type girls…there are a few of us who would be delighted to drop 10+ pounds. The results I’ve seen have been so phenomenal!!


Taja’s Triple Threat 90 Day results Had me at HELLO!!!

I know by now you are thinking so what exactly does this Triple Threat entail? The below are challenge requirements:

1.  2-3 Thermofit supplements daily

2. Fat Fighter supplement daily

3. Drink Greens twice daily

4. Healthy Diet (lean and green, no starving, small portions all day)

5. Exercise min 3 times a week for a least 25 mins


Talisa’s 5 month Transformation with The Triple Threat!


Jennifer had amazing results as well and is still dropping!

This is what SOLD me! Put me in coach!!! Not even the full 90 days yet

This is what SOLD me! Put me in coach!!! Not even the full 90 days yet

We are kicking off a new Triple Threat challenge Monday November 29th. So for the next 72 hours I have decided to not only open it up to the public and pass along my discount on the above products (40% off), but I am also going to offer a week of the Greens Detox FREE. A private Facebook group has been started for all of the people who begin their weight loss journey so that we can keep each other motivated while watching those pounds fly off!

If you are ready to get the party started and take advantage of this deal by joining my Triple Threat challenge, submit information here and I will contact you within 24 hours!

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If you are not quite ready to start your weight loss journey with me, no worries! Keep up with everyone’s results via Instagram @zadiamurphy and cheer them on!


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