Run October
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  • October 2, 2015
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Running is not my favorite form of exercise however, it is one of the greatest and cheapest ways to get in shape. Running is effective in making you healthier in a number of ways; weight loss, boost your confidence, eliminates depression, improves level of health, and lowers risk of disease. But honestly what I love most about running is how is pushes people to new levels of mental toughness. It never fails, as soon as I want to give up physically, the champion in me yells “Can’t stop, won’t stop” and stretches me to complete the task at hand.



You are invited to join Boom The Beauty room and ZM Fitness’s Run October challenge!! We are doing 3 miles (if you a new to fitness try 1 mile a day) everyday for the next 30 days from October 2nd- October 31st. In addition to this challenge, we have a sub challenge (optional) of lunging 1 mile every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the month of October. During this month we will also post videos of upper bodies workouts you can incorporate into your weekly fitness regimen as well as awesome fit recipes.


Lets make October a month to remember!! Ditch the 2015 New Year resolutions and  start working on the new you today!!!


Are you in?! Comment below!

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