Drink Up!!

Water consumption is essential for an individual to enjoy proper health. Moreover, it comes with a range of health benefits. This is due to the fact that water plays a vital role in the human body. Depending on an individual’s size of the body, water can constitute 55%-78%. As the bodies most essential source, it actually comprises 2/3 of body mass. In fact, 83% of blood is water, 22% of bone is water, 90% of the brain is water and 75% of body muscles are purely water.

Some of the vital roles of water in the body include protection of critical body organs, transportation of oxygen and nutrients into a body cell, moisturization of the air breathed into the lungs, enhancement of metabolism, absorption of nutrients by the body organs, detoxification, body temperature regulation as well as joint moisturization and protection. The essence of drinking water is based on the fact that every body cell needs it.

Lack of enough water in the body causes body cells, organs and tissues not to function optimally. As a result, one may suffer from dehydration, constipation, migraine headaches, problems with kidneys, fatigue, irregular blood pressure, dry skin and muscle cramps, among others. In order to know whether you are dehydrated or not check  for thirst, dry skin, dark skin, fatigue and hunger. Drink at least 96 oz of water per day in order to avoid dehydration and enhance bodily functions water impacts.

When the body is hydrated, you will enjoy abundant health benefits that range from weight loss, relief from headaches or migraines, improved productivity and better mood, reduction in the risks of having cancer and relief from fatigue to reduced sprains and cramps, improved body immunity, eradication of constipation and indigestion as well as more energy during workouts.

Therefore, if you are wondering what to do with water, drink it up!

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