Coach Zee is a clear communicator. She is committed to the goals that you set with her and expects the same commitment in return. What I love most about training with Zadia is her understanding of the body and how to maximize my workout. She designed a plan for me that was considerate of my physical limitations yet still rigorous and results-driven. Zadia encourages me throughout the workout and does not quit on me no matter how much I complain. I am grateful for my time with Coach Zee because she has taught me how to be physically aware thus making my workouts more productive when I work out without her. 

  • Natalie H.

I’ve been training with Zadia for almost three years. Ever since joining her sessions, I’ve seen amazing results! What I enjoy most about Zadia’s training is that it’s always customized and generates the results that I need. Every session is specialized for a full-body workout. More importantly, no session is the same — even down to the music which makes the sessions fun and exciting. Additionally, I appreciate the opportunities to train with proper techniques and conditions as Zadia’s skillset is beyond personal training. She makes it a priority to ensure that stretching and warm-up/cool-down practices are always priorities. Zadia is all about total health and well-being — from exercise to nutrition. I still use her nutritional guides and even cardio suggestions when I travel. She’s always dedicated to serving her clients. All around, Zadia is the best to have wherever you are in your fitness journey and more importantly has become a great friend!

  • – Lauren S.

“I worked with Zadia during a ‘high stress’ period of my life. She was a godsend; not only did she help me work through the stress but taught me how to change my lifestyle.  As a personal trainer, she was personable, knowledgeable about training and your body, and personalized your program.  She motivated and pushed you out of your comfort zone for your benefit.  In addition, Zadia knew what worked for me and I felt as though she was invested in my growth and success with her.  Having Zadia as a personal trainer not only taught me a lifestyle change (via exercise) but also helped me regain my confidence and self-worth. Thank you, Zadia!”

  • LieAnn V.T

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