The First Step to a New You



…No, I’m not talking about a shrimp dish. I am referring to one of the best strategies to set goals according to the National Association of Sports Medicine. It could take years of dedication before you achieve your fitness goals. It will not happen overnight. There is no quick fix; no muffin top-be-gone spray nor is there a slim down your love handles cream.  Whether novice or expert, no one is exempt from the fact that work is required.

This brings me back to SCAMPI. Following these few points will help you set realistic, attainable goals in a specific amount of time:


Specific goals will result in better performance than goals that are too easy or nonexistent. Just simply “trying to do your best” is not enough. You must be as specific as possible in order to effectively track your progress. Start by writing down exactly what you want to achieve. This may include workouts per week, meals per day, or how much time you want to engage in cardiovascular exercise.


“If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.” Accomplishing more means setting goals that will promote growth; do not be modest. If your goal is to run every day, sign up for a half marathon. By simply training for it you will not only be succeeding in that objective, but you will also find yourself exuding more effort and building more confidence on your health and fitness journey.


Positivity is key! Most people dread the changes required to transition into a healthier lifestyle. This approach will only make the journey more difficult. You must embrace the change you expect to see. Want to lose 10lbs? Want to work out 3 times a week for one hour per session? Know that with every week you will get better. Do not get caught up in the fear of starting or your lack of conditioning. Be happy, confident, and stay motivated! Follow some of your favorite fitness freaks on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to get your daily dose of inspiration… rumor has it @zmurph12 is amazing *wink wink*. Appreciate where you start and never forget to focus on the positive.


Measuring your progress will help you determine whether or not your strategy is working. Scheduled progress checks will inform you when, if ever, you need to revise your plan of action. Some quick and easy ways to measure progress are bi-weekly weigh ins, keeping a record of your weight lifting progression, monthly recordings of the time it takes you run a mile, or trying on the same article of clothing each week to check for inch or weight loss.


Whether it’s how you want to look at the end of the year or how many pounds you want to lose by your birthday, you’ve got the long term covered. It’s time to turn your attention to the short term proximal goals for better performance and motivation. Set goals that can be reached weekly, bi weekly, and monthly. Doing this will keep you on track to your ultimate vision and heighten your sense of confidence and happiness.


Finally, your goals should be inspirational. Are your goals consistent with your ideas and ambitions?  Striving toward goals that you deem important will keep you committed, interested, persistent, and dedicated. Seek others who have similar goals and tackle them together. You can even find someone who has already conquered your goals and follow their journey. Above all else, remember that what you want out of your fitness and health walk is attainable.

By taking the time out to strategize, you are creating the foundation of your “health and fitness house.” Remember this is a change in your lifestyle. The desire to change your appearance will only drive you so far! Dig deep and set yourself up to be successful in taking back your life.

Homework from Coach Z:

Write down all of your health and fitness goals.  Use the SCAMPI strategy to make specific goals that you want to accomplish in a specific time frame. Make sure you implement every principle. Remember to have fun!


Coach Z

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